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This is the shit we love


Gentlemen's Vintage is all about who we are and what we love. These are the styles, trends, and technology that blew us away as kids in the 50's, 60's, 70's, & 80's and made us who we are today.

Everything you see on Gentlemen's Vintage is curated by me, Will Bernstein, my son, Reese, and our team. I am a child of the late 60's and 70's and came of age in the 80's. Born and raised in the LA San Fernando Valley I was influenced by the skate, surf, and motocross scenes.  Concrete and dirt were my domains in The Valley where anything was ridable if we tried hard enough. Much of what you see on Gentlemen's Vintage looks good to my eyes because those aesthetics inspired and shaped me. As a GenXer, I'm also proud to be of the generation that pioneered the digital revolution. While I am not a fan of how digital has come to dominate our lives in the way it has today (it sucks!), those early years were "insanely great". I was lucky enough to be at ground zero of the digital revolution in Silicon Valley. The innovation and experimentation in design and functionality of those times was intoxicating. So if you are wondering where the vintage digital nerd gear representation comes from, now you know.

Before Facebook and Twitter, before the iphone, Gentlemen's Vintage celebrates a time when we actually lived in the real world. This is our shit. Remember it, get it, relive it, and share it. 

Rock on,

Will Bernstein

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